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Nigel Bahadur


Trading Life: A Group of Posts About the Lifestyle Related To Trading

All good traders eventually arrive at the realization that active trading is a LIFESTYLE.  How you live your life has a direct effect on the...

Futures Magazine Profile

This article is one from 2011 - a profile from Futures Magazine. Click the button below to read the whole thing... Read on the Futures...
Vector stock diagram, business graph.

The Impact Of Systems

This article was published in August 2007 in SFO Magazine (now defunct). The original published article has been lost with the shutdown of SFO Mag...
Vector woman pointing at charts on holographic screen

The Manual Work in Mechanical Trading: Evaluating a Trading System

This article was published in 2006 in SFO Magazine (now defunct). Not everything in mechanical system trading is automatic. Before you begin trading a system,...
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System Traders: Don’t Just Overcome Obstacles, Curtail Them

This article was published in August 2006 in SFO Magazine (now defunct). Many traders think that simply creating a profitable trading system is all that...