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Trading Homework For Trade-date Friday July 26th 2019

Here we go - day 5 using the Neo Pen. Not bad so far... Commentary Gold and Silver still seem to be forming sideways lines...

Trading Homework For Trade-date Thursday July 25th 2019

Day 4 with the Neo Pen... And brief commentary on Silver, Gold, Grains, Midcaps and a couple of the energy markets. Commentary Silver broke out...

Trading Homework For Trade-date Wednesday July 24th 2019

Today is the third day that I'm creating my homework with the Neo Smart Pen that I recently acquired. Playing with it sure has been...

Trading Homework For Trade-date Tuesday July 23rd 2019

Its the second day that I'm creating my homework with the new Neo Smart Pen. Syncing my writing to the Neo Smart Pen App results...

Trading Homework For Trade-date Monday July 22nd, 2019

Now that I can easily write my thoughts down and have them digitized with my new Neo Smart Pen, I'll try posting my home-work for...