Chat GPT Is Not A Search Engine

If you haven’t heard about CHAT GPT yet you should definitely hop on the bandwagon and explore it. Some of what it can do is mind blowing compared to prior “AI” engines.

However, I’ve heard talk about how it is the next big thing in search and how Google might be quaking in their boots.

I think this view is just plain wrong.

First, understand how Chat GPT gets it’s results – it must be TRAINED on a dataset. And the current training dataset only includes data through 2021.

So, any new knowledge since then is outside of Chat GPT’s awareness.

Next, Chat GPT cannot search the web in real-time.

For it to accumulate new data, the underlying engine must be trained on it.

That takes time.

If a new website comes online, Chat GPT will not know anything about it unless it’s either trained on the data it contains or is allowed to search the web on its own to infer data (something it does not do now). Google, however, will know about it relatively quickly.

I think of Chat GPT as a better basic knowledge engine. Google is a better real-time search engine.

They can co-exist and work together and the human in the drivers seat will get better overall results.

Plus, Google has its own artificial intelligence team – it would likely be relatively easy for them to come close, if not exceed Chat GPT’s capabilities if it proved to be an existential threat.

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