Corona Virus: What Does a 3% Mortality Rate Really Mean?

By all accounts, the “Corona” Virus is a very contagious pathogen with an estimated death rate of “only” 3%.

But, what does that really translate to?

Lets assume that, in the United States, 30% of the population gets infected over the next 6 months. That is more than 100 million people.

3% of that number is 3 MILLION people.

In just a few months.

And that is only in the United States.

Extrapolating for the 7.8 billion people across the globe at a 30% infection rate. You get….

70 MILLION people.

That is more that the casualties of World War 1 and just under the number of casualties in World War 2.

I’ll let you ponder that…

PS: At the time of this writing, the mortality rate in China is 3.8% (with a 5.8% rate in the Wuhan province). WHO is projecting a mortality rate of 3% worldwide.

PPS: SARS had a death rate of 9.8% but a much lower infection rate.


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