Economic and Cultural Systems Based on Absolutes Will Fail

My Facebook feed is filled with statements of absolutes. “Capitalism is bad” and must be eradicated. “Socialism is evil” and must never be allowed to take hold in the United States.

Has it ever occurred to anyone posting that drivel that the best system might be a blend of the two?

So for those curious – here is where I stand:

  • I believe that absolute, unrestrained capitalism is evil.
  • I also believe that absolute unrestrained socialism or communism is just as evil if not more so.

I am a big fan of capitalism. But I know without a doubt that it cannot survive in the long run without a healthy dose of socialistic policies in the mix.

Unrestrained capitalism is like a fire sucking all the oxygen out of a room. It will eventually burn out after consuming all resources. A certain amount of resources need to be distributed far and wide in order to prevent the system from burning out.

Healthcare, education, transportation, security, retirement – these are all things that need to be readily available in order for a capitalist society to survive and thrive. And you can’t have those things without socialist policies.

So if someone asks me if I support capitalism or socialism, the answer is “yes”.

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