HIGHER prices in an era of LOWER demand?

As consumers slowly crawl out of lock-down there is going to be a spike in demand for all kinds of things. Cars, restaurants, movies etc. And prices will likely be the same as it was before as businesses try to get back to “usual”.

Once that spike eases though, that’s when things get real.

With social distancing guidelines in place, prices are likely to be higher since fewer customers can inhabit a single venue.

Imagine AMC being able to accommodate only half as many users in a theater. Or a bar being able to accommodate only 1/3 of its usual capacity.

In an era where users are trying to rebuild their savings, going out is going to be more expensive. Because each customer is now taking up a slot that used to be paid for by three customers.

For certain businesses, prices might have to go a lot higher.

Bars for example – the social interaction between strangers that naturally happened in the past can no longer be tolerated. So to attract users, maybe bars have to become a place where you get a much higher quality individual or small-group entertainment experience – better music, better light shows, better everything.

And that all costs money.

So higher prices. Even as the number of users that are willing to go out is lower.

The weirdness is about to get a whole lot weirder I think…