Impeaching Trump Will Make It Harder For The Democrats in 2020

I can hear some of you going – “wait, what?”

The reason is simple: the senate is not on board.

Its been a while since the process of impeachment has been seriously discussed by the populace so most do not know that impeaching a president is just step one. There is a second step – he has to be TRIED in a trial in the SENATE.

And the senate majority is REPUBLICAN.

In other words, he is still president even as he is impeached – it has little effect on his powers and ability to do his thing.

And because the senate is controlled by the republicans, he will likely be acquitted.

So, imagine the process as we head into the 2020 elections:

  • Trump is impeached by the house. Democratic base is all amped up from that success.
  • Trump is tried in the senate and is found NOT GUILTY.
  • Democratic base becomes demoralized while the Republican base is energized.
  • Trump trumpets his acquittal all through the elections, accusing democrats of being “out to get him”.
  • Net result: Loss of 2020 election and Trump becomes president for another 4 years.

Pelosi had it right, slow walking impeachment proceedings. But her fellow democrat lawmakers pushed her to accelerate the process.

By slow-walking impeachment proceedings she was allowing trump to continue to do outrageous things – with the idea that it would slowly build up disgust from more moderate republican senators.

But by being forced to accelerate impeachment proceedings, republicans will close ranks in the senate and democrats will have a harder time making any gains in 2020.

Democrats may have just handed us another 4 years of Trump.

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