Me – The Rogue Project Manager

Sometimes I get involved in project management. So if you have a technology project that is in trouble, there’s a good chance I can help to quickly get it back on track.

There are many reasons a project can run off the rails:

  • Scope Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Technical Issues
  • In-fighting
  • Culture issues

and many more.

Sometimes, the best way to resolve issues and get things back on track is to get an outside party involved – someone who has no allegiances and can focus a critical, independent eye on the troubled project.

My sweet spot for projects are those where the original time-frame was less than one year and the budget was under ten million USD.

My Project Management Philosophy

When it comes to deliverables for a project, my (very strong) opinion is that the details of the next deliverable needs to fit on a single excel page.

So for any project in trouble, that would be the first place I would start – narrow the next deliverable or milestone such that it can be placed into a single sheet.


A successful deliverable against a milestone immediately brings team morale back up. And that goes a long way towards rejuvenating the group and making them believe that, yes, the project can be a success.

Stepping On Toes

Beyond that, in trouble-shooting why a project is off the rains, I will step on toes. And I will not apologize for it.

If something is in so much trouble that you need to get outside help, then the only way to fix it is to delve deep into the morass to find the root causes of issues. And many times those issues go right back to human beings.

Which means stepping on toes. Sometimes delicately. Sometimes not.

Need My Help?

If you think I can help, drop me a note using the contact form on this site. My services are not cheap and I do not accept all projects – just the ones where I believe I can make a difference. And then I’ll move as fast as I can to get to the point where you feel comfortable enough to fire me (i.e.: I will consult myself out of the job…)


Some other resources that might help when your project is in trouble…

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