Enterprise Supply Chain Software

SVP: R&D – EXE Technologies, creating cutting edge supply-chain software. 1992- 2001

In 1991 I started working with a tiny company called Neptune Systems and joined them officially in 1992.

Neptune Systems published Warehouse Management System software written in Foxbase / Foxpro run on DOS machines networked using Novell Systems Networking Software.

In those years, customers were used to purchasing big hardware (mini computers from HP, DEC and others) to run their WMS and other logistics systems. These could easily cost 50K or more. DOS and NOVELL systems cut that price by 50% or more. Needless to say the company’s products were eventually well received.

From there the company moved into Client-Server systems using Powerbuilder, SQL Server and Windows NT – releasing an industry first WMS product on a client-server stack in 1995.

Eventually, with the help of a hefty investment from a VC firm (General Atlantic Partners), the company merged with a competitor 3 times it size with management taking control of the combined entity – now called EXE Technologies.

EXE Technologies aimed to create products for the entire logistics chain – From manufacturing to the end consumer but its sweet spot was product fulfillment – everything that happened after a user placed an order (picking, packing, assembly, shipping, routing, returns and more).

Because of the combined firms assets, it could offer these products on every OS that existed at the time – from IBM Mainframes to SUN to PCs. It was the only company that could make that claim.

My entire run with Neptune/EXE lasted 10 years including its IPO in 2000.

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