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Futures Trader: 2001 – Now


This isn’t a “project” – its more of a newly acquired skill.

After being in technology for 10 years, I left the company I worked for in 2001 with the intention of taking it easy for a couple of years.

That proved difficult.

As many ‘old-timers’ know, 2001 was the year the first dot-com bubble blew up. Big time. The stock market was crashing big time and my brokers seemed to have no plan for hedging my investments. I was bleeding money on multiple fronts, staring at losing my hard-won nest egg.

Fixing that was going to be my job if I wanted to have any kind of stable future.

So I started down the rabbit hole of what would be the hardest thing I ever did – learning to trade.

The Short Version Of The Story

I initially started in stocks but, in going down the rabbit hole, ended up being mentored by one of the best futures traders in the business, Linda Raschke.

Hence, my primary trading vehicle became futures. Not stocks.

Between 2003 and 2016, my primary income stream involved trading and the markets in some way. I even briefly opened up a CTA ( but I’ll leave the discussion of that experience to a different project article.)

No matter what I do now, I’ll always have trading in my bones. Once you start to view the market as a trader, its hard to look away!

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