One of my earliest endeavors in exploring the WordPress business space.

In 2016 I discovered WordPress. This was a product that I had heard about many times over the years. I always dismissed it as “just a blogging platform”.

Boy was I wrong.

I took a look at it because I wanted something better for my personal web site – I needed to get away from DotNetNuke – it was overkill for what I needed.

So I took a look at WordPress.

Once I realized the depth of its functionality and the beauty of its extensibility system I was hooked.

This site was the first attempt a building a WordPress based business. The idea was simple – most people couldn’t style tables on web pages so the site would provide an extensive list of styles that users could choose from.

The demand, as it turned out, was tiny.

This is because most users of WordPress are accustomed to things being FREE.

The site remains up and running and users go there every week for the free give-aways. And once a year or so someone might buy something.

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