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Where I Attempt To Launch A Business Teaching People To Trade…

But quickly discovered that its impossible to ethically compete when your competition is snake-oil salesmen promising to make everyone a millionaire in a few months….

A Rant

Every year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world decide that they would try their hands at trading. And every year, hundreds of thousands of these users are scammed out of their money by “educators” who purport to teach them how to make thousands trading in the markets with just a few mins a day of effort.

This was the market that I decided I would enter, aiming to be one of the few people that would tell it like it is.

But as I quickly discovered, its hard to rise above the noise.

As it turns out, people are mostly greedy and lazy when it comes to trading – and they will quickly gravitate towards anyone who promises them riches for very little work. And they will keep moving from “guru” to “guru”, hoping to find that magic “system” that will give them and endless flow of cash while they sleep.

You simply can’t compete with that.

Not if you want to maintain your ethics. And your sanity.

So, this enterprise might be considered a failure in many ways.

The site is still up and once in a while someone will stop by and purchase an e-book. And I continue to offer coaching services to anyone who wants it since I still look at the markets every day. After-all I do have a lot of value to pass on to anyone who values my time enough to pay me for it.

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