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Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday September 6th 2019


In the span of two days it looks like everything went from one extreme to another – from over-sold to over-bought or vice-versa. Even the ones that are not quite at over-sold/over-bought areas are quite close and probably only need another day or two to get there. A few days ago I mentioned that currencies…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Wednesday September 4th 2019


Tuesday was the first full trading day after the Labor Day holiday. Silver, Platinum and Paladium had big moves. But equities just kinda moved around without going too far in either direction – just minor movement inside their broader daily ranges. Currencies, however, are more interesting. Some of them seem to have made a short-term…

Trading Homework For Trade-date Friday August 30th 2019


Going into the end of the month / start of a new month / holiday weekend – the historical bias is to buy stuff. So the equity markets moved to the upper end of their recent range. Can it break out to the upside? Its possible given China’s comments about not adding new tariffs…. Just…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Thursday August 29th 2019


As a hurricane bears down on Florida, large moves in lumber and orange juice were made on Tuesday. Most other markets were mostly tame. Except Platinum – wow, what a move there. Commentary GC: Keep buying pullbacks. SI: Keep buying pullbacks – this is now a momentum market it seems. HG: 5SMA Sale ZB: Upper…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday August 27th 2019


All equity indicices gapped down on Sunday night into their support areas at the lower end of their daily range and then rallied from there. Given that they are all oversold and just hit the lower end of their ranges, my short term bias is UP. Some of them are already really close to the…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday August 23rd 2019


Markets seem to be syncing up a bit again. Gold and silver are starting to show mature bull flags along with bonds, while equities are testing against recent resistance levels. A trade in one is basically a trade in the others – they are highly correlated right now. Commentary GC: The consolidation over the past…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Thursday August 22nd 2019


August type cross-currents. Very little actionable on the daily charts – you’d need to scalp off the hourlies if you insist on trading.

Trading Homework for Trade-date Wednesday August 21st 2019


Some bull and bear flags are finally getting close to maturity. But because many of them have weekly overbought and oversold levels, I don’t expect them to get to new highs or lows once they go. Maybe a retest up/down and then another range. Equities seem to be respecting the resistance levels that formed last…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday August 20th 2019


A “quiet” day in the markets yesterday (Monday) with all the stock indicies staging a quiet rally towards resistance. On most other days it would be called a volatile day but compared to last week’s fireworks it just felt quiet. I guess it is August after-all… Commentary GC: Pushing down to the lower end of…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Monday August 19th 2019


Last week was whip-saw city for many markets. I suspect traders are tired so we’ll end up with many markets just doing trading-range things…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday August 16th 2019


Bonds and Bunds all pushed to new yearly highs – again. It is starting to feel as if even the US can get to zero interest rates on its long term debt. That would be something. With 15 trillion dollars worth of sovereign debt in other countries already at or below zero, the US will…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Thursday August 15th 2019


Yesterday (Wednesday) was another volatile day in the financial markets. Equities gave back all gains from Tuesday and then went even lower. Bonds made new all time highs (interest rates at all time lows) and seem poised for further gains after working off divergences. I’m still suspicious of this sell off – the pattern over…


A small sample of notes illustrating how I view potential daily market opportunities over a period of time.

Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday October 4th, 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday September 17th 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Monday September 16th 2019