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Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday August 20th 2019

A “quiet” day in the markets yesterday (Monday) with all the stock indicies staging a quiet rally towards resistance. On most other days it would be called a volatile day but compared to last week’s fireworks it just felt quiet. I guess it is August after-all… Commentary GC: Pushing down to the lower end of…

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The Manual Work in Mechanical Trading: Evaluating a Trading System

This article was published in 2006 in SFO Magazine (now defunct). Not everything in mechanical system trading is automatic. Before you begin trading a system,...
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System Traders: Don’t Just Overcome Obstacles, Curtail Them

This article was published in August 2006 in SFO Magazine (now defunct). Many traders think that simply creating a profitable trading system is all that...



Chartapalooza: August 11th 2019

Charts, charts and more charts. Need the daily homework though? Get that here:


Giving It All Back…

Today was just one of those days… Yesterday, I couldn’t do anything wrong with my trades. There were amazing trends in many markets but I focused on the Gold and Silver markets. Not only were the trends strong but they were well behaved. Which means there were no frustrating whip-saw stop-outs. Today, all those gains…


New Toy: Neo Smart Pen

A few months ago I had my first encounter with the Neo Smart Pen at a B8ta popup shop in a nearby mall in Chicago. At the time I thought it was a fascinating device and have stopped by the popup shop a couple of times since then to play with it. The pen takes…


Technically Speaking: Gold Is A Morphing Chart

In early June (2019) Gold broke out of a descending wedge and quickly moved higher. Then, in July, it set up what looked to be a large bull flag – or as Peter Brandt thinks, a “half-mast” flag. On July 18th, price broke out of the half mast flag and closed the day above it,…

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Massive Opportunity Still Exists In The WordPress Space

So why are VC’s not looking?

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Battered & Bruised: Systems Trading School of Hard Knocks

Every trader has at one time or another dreamed of having a fully automated trading system that is profitable—effectively a money printing press in the basement. I know I did—and I have the scars to prove it. I barely remember the day I woke up, not realizing I was about to embark on a trip that would lead me into an abyss. But I do remember what the goal was—to create an automated trading system that would print me money and lessen the emotional toll that is common in trading.


Technically Speaking: TSLA

TSLA – this is a stock everyone seems to have an opinion on – usually extremely bullish or extremely bearish. For example, I know at least one fund manager who is amazing in his ability to examine a company’s balance sheet and operations – he is convinced that TSLA is a fraud and has bet…


New Headshots

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to get new head-shots. The last set I got was back in 2013. So I called up Bob of Bob Stefko Photography and we made an appointment for the end of March. A week or so later I had a brand new set of shots. Here…

The rogue project manager

Me – The Rogue Project Manager

If you have a technology project that is in trouble, there’s a good chance I can help to fix it. There are many reasons a project can run off the rails: Scope Issues, Communication Issues, Technical Issues…

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New Machine: NUC8i7HVK

I’m on a new computer kick. For most of my computing career I wanted the biggest, baddest machine I could afford. Generally this meant large towers with lots of expandability options and the fastest processors I could lay my hands on. However, over the last year, looking at the latest processor specs I realized that…


Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday August 20th 2019


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