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“No-code” Apps Might Need Some Code

The “no-code” app space has exploded recently, primarily because of the publicity around Google’s purchase of Appsheet. Between that and my recent awareness of GlideApps, I have been keeping a closer eye on more of these no-code products – especially the ones that are not pure website builders. One thing that leaps out every time…

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Business Idea: GlideApp For WordPress is an interesting product - it helps you create apps from Google Sheets (a spreadsheet) and publish it via a url (or, optionally, publish...

The Government Does Not Want You To Use Facebook Chat

Actually it does. But that's precisely why you shouldn't. Facebook unveiled plans about a year ago to add end-to-end encryption on all its chat products...

New Toy: Neo Smart Pen

A few months ago I had my first encounter with the Neo Smart Pen at a B8ta popup shop in a nearby mall in Chicago....
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Massive Opportunity Still Exists In The WordPress Space

So why are VC's not looking? WordPress is probably the most underrated and overlooked opportunity in the software world right now. In an age of...
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Battered & Bruised: Systems Trading School of Hard Knocks

Something I dug up from my email archives today... This article was written in 2008 for SFO Magazine - a now defunct trading-related magazine. But...
The rogue project manager

Me – The Rogue Project Manager

Sometimes I get involved in project management. So if you have a technology project that is in trouble, there's a good chance I can help...


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The Manual Work in Mechanical Trading: Evaluating a Trading System

Not everything in mechanical system trading is automatic. Before you begin trading a system, you must evaluate it carefully. Read on to learn about 15 of the most important attributes to evaluate in automated trading systems!

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System Traders: Don’t Just Overcome Obstacles, Curtail Them

Many traders think that simply creating a profitable trading system is all that is necessary to be successful at mechanical trading. Those traders are wrong. Assembling a portfolio of profitable trading systems is just half of the battle. The other half involves executing and monitoring the systems. Therefore, the success of any mechanical trading program depends heavily on execution environment in which a trading program is conducted.


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