Random Thoughts: Energy Shortages Redux, Windows 11 Shenanigans, A Generation Of Disorganized Minds

Energy Shortages – Bad Bad Gas – No Gas For You!

Sigh…just after I wrote a note about Energy Shortages in my most recent Random Thoughts, I ran into this article about Europe’s Energy Crisis this winter.

The crux of the article is that there isn’t enough Natural Gas being produced at the same time as Nuclear plants are being forced offline (by, you know, well-meaning energy/climate activists).

Natural gas is a by-product of Crude production. As crude production is being reduced because of pressure from climate activists, natural gas production falls as well.

Hence, no energy for you because “gas is bad”.

I wish they would teach everyone in high school and college how to at least attempt to predict the second and third order effects of their actions. It’s only a matter of time before the same group of folks that forced natural gas production offline start yelling about horrible horrible people increasing the price of basic foods. It’s almost as if they don’t understand that energy is needed to manufacture and transport food and all of the components that make up the food supply chain.

Like politicians, they will never take responsibility for their actions. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Hey, if you’re going to force energy production offline and you don’t have a plan to replace it, the net result is ALL YOUR FAULT.

Windows 11 & Windows 365

Anyone thinks it’s a coincidence that Windows 11 was released shortly after the Windows 365 service and will immediately obsolete more than 50% of corporate PCs? How many of those PCs will end up as Windows 365 clients over the next few years as Windows 10 support winds down? And what will that do to companies like Dell and HP that sell lots of desktops and small-factor-computing pcs to corporate America?

Are we creating an entire generation of disorganized minds?

This is almost a tongue-in-check thought based on an article detailing how many college students do not understand or (even know about) files and directories. They just throw stuff into a pile and search for it…

The thought of operating like that makes my brain hurt.

But I guess if you don’t have to think about organization it leaves lots of brain power for other stuff…

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