Random Thoughts: Energy Shortages, Vote Recounts, Restaurant Worker Shortages..

Energy Shortages Are Here – And Will Get A Lot Worse

The world runs on fossil fuels. And there are tons and tons of pressure being brought to bear to clean that up fast – but that’s happening without a corresponding increase in alternatives coming online.

So it’s inevitable that you’ll get an energy crisis – one that will make the 1970’s look like a cakewalk.

The shortages happening in the United Kingdom, rolling blackouts in China – these are all just the beginning.

When the energy supply-chain seizes up it will take YEARS to unseize it.


Imagine trying to bring an oil well online and a part breaks. But the manufacturer doesn’t have a reliable supply of electricity to make the replacement part and, even if they do, there isn’t a reliable way to transport it. Manufacturing and distributing ANYTHING will just take LONGER.

Things are likely going to get CRAZY over the next few years and not in a good way.

If you thought people were selfish for not wearing a mask or getting vaccinated, you haven’t seen anything yet. Food shortages will cause of lot of homicides…

And when the politicians get involved to try rationing energy prices and consumer goods prices they will exacerbate the issue because, somehow, they still think that price controls work even if it has never worked in the entire recorded history of the world…

That Arizona Election Audit

At what point does a national figure doing their best to cast doubt on the voting system cross the line into treason? Isn’t deliberately destabalizing the republic to the benefit of foreign elements treason?

I guess going down that road crosses the line into a China-like regime…

Restaurant Worker Shortages

Maybe it’s time to rethink how restaurant workers are paid. Instead of tips, maybe restaurants will have more success recruiting at 25.00/hr guaranteed with an increase in pricing? Folks are used to prices going up now anyway so it would be the perfect time to switch compensation models.

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