Business Idea: Reviews For Cancelled Gigs

If you have ever used a service like Upwork or Fiverr and depended on reviews to choose a worker, you’ve likely been very disappointed.

This is because the reviews are missing a critical element – cancelled gigs.

In some cases, even bad reviews are removed by the site upon request by the worker – UpWork is notorious for this.

But, what if there was a site where folks can go to create a review of their experience where the project was never completed or the review removed?

I think there’s a savvy group of folks who would really really appreciate that.

But is there a way to monetize that? And how to you filter out the fake reviews?

ummm…that I really don’t know.

The site would have to be free to attract the biggest audience. So the only monetization method would be ads. Maybe highly curated ads? Or sponsored articles?

Not sure there’s a million dollar idea here.

But I would certainly be a heavy user of the service if it existed.

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