My Projects, Activities and More

Well, some of them anyway....

Trader sitting at a desk with multiple monitors

Futures Trader

Learning to trade is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is a LIFESTYLE, not just a skill.

Small boy holding his head in front of finance computer screens

CTA Commodity Trading Advisor

Learning that customers can’t stand minor swings – regardless of how “professional” they portray themselves…

winding traintracks with buildings and stoplights.

Enterprise Supply Chain Software

SVP: R&D – EXE Technologies, creating cutting edge supply-chain software. 1992- 2001

Couple dancing 1950s style rock and roll in an old movie frame

Dance and Music

I don’t play an instrument…
But I dance!

And Some Things That Weren't So Successful

Trial and error, trial and error...

Vector of animals watching a big screen with other animals

US Trading Coach

Where I Attempt To Launch A Business Teaching People To Trade…
But quickly discovered that its impossible to ethically compete when your competition is snake-oil salesmen promising to make everyone a millionaire in a few months….


One of my earliest endeavors in exploring the WordPress business space.


Uncommon Plugins

Another one of my earliest endeavors in exploring the WordPress business space.

Vector of people building a page


A recent investment, this one I just didn’t have time to pay attention to it – and, as it turns out, neither did my business partner.