The Government Does Not Want You To Use Facebook Chat

Actually it does.

But that’s precisely why you shouldn’t.

Facebook unveiled plans about a year ago to add end-to-end encryption on all its chat products and the Government just doesn’t like it.

US Attorney General William Barr wrote an open letter asking Facebook to ditch its plans.

We can only assume that at least one agency is probably monitoring all FB un-encrypted messages and that end-to-end encryption would remove that access completely. Which is probably what the government fears more than anything else.

Users who don’t know any better are all handing government access to really private data without knowing that they’re doing so. End-to-end encryption would turn off the spigot and protect users against unwarranted surveillance and government intrusion into private affairs.

If Facebook caves its a good reason to NOT use Facebook chat. (However, WhatsApp can be used since it does have end-to-end encryption and is the odd-man out in all of Facebook’s chat products.)

Today, you probably shouldn’t be using Facebook Chat for anything private at all until end-to-end encryption is turned on by default.

PS: You can turn on end-to-end encryption on FB chat but the options are buried – most users don’t even know it exists!

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