Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday July 30th 2019


  • Daily triangles in many markets including Gold, Silver (see yesterday’s commentary), Bonds, Beans, Heating oil and more
  • Corn: Bounced Monday from its swing low. Existing longs can move stops below low of Monday’s bar.
  • Cattle: Weekly grail sale might be kicking in now.
  • Hogs: 5 SMA Buy
  • Natural Gas: At critical level – if it breaks lower, short. But don’t jump the gun before that confirmation.
  • ES – has weird doji. A doji inside of a range – weird to see in this market.
  • YM – 2 days up; sell short day, scalp only.
  • EC – retesting last week’s breakdown level. If it moves lower from here and takes out Monday’s low, can short with stop at Monday’s highs.
  • CD – Oversold; play long side for scalps
  • BP – Breakdown – short all bounces. This has the potential to be a run-away trade to the downside.
  • NE1 – might finally be ready to move back up. 5 SMA still in play here.
  • DXY – At the top of range with topping tail candlestick
  • RC – z-day
  • PL – z-day (long side kicking in again?)
  • PA – z-day (bull flag kicking in again?)

Disclosures: Positions in ES, BP, ZC and SI.

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