Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday September 9th 2019

Another nowhere day for the equity indexes. Seems like they are all forming another interminable range.

But, something’s lurking…The FDAX has had an extended run.

In the meantime, many of the currencies are at overbought/oversold positions against their primary trend. i.e.: bull and bear flags are developing or have developed.


  • GC: Pulled back to prior swing low. What now?
  • SI: At 20 period daily EMA. Feels like this wants lower….
  • ZB: Pulled back to prior swing low
  • ZS: At the lower end of its giant daily triangle. A break-down from here is shortable.
  • ZW: Amost a break-out from a daily descending wedge. One more day up to confirm.
  • LC: Short bounces
  • LH: Short bounces
  • CL: Close to breaking out from its giant daily triangle. I hate that its a breakout from the diagonal trend line instead of a breakdown from the horizontal one.
  • NG: Buy flushes
  • HO: Upside breakout from daily triangle – buy pullbacks.
  • ES/NQ etc: Sideways line forming?
  • FDAX: Extended run
  • BP: Feels like we’ve rallied enough against the primary down-trend. Short?
  • JY: Short rallies.
  • NE1: Doji – short.
  • MP1: Topping tail – short.
  • DX: 3 day triangle breakout mode.
  • PL: Forming sloppy bull flag.
  • PA: Forming sloppy bull flag.
  • BR: Bear flag
  • NOK: Bear flag
  • FGBL: Starting to form sideways line.
  • RU: Bear flag.

I didn’t post Monday’s analysis on Sunday night. Here is what I wrote in my notebook over the weekend:

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