Trading Homework for Trade-date Wednesday September 11th 2019

Yesterday’s (Tuesday) equity trading seemed like we’re back in the land of flushes up and down while the laggard indexes catch up.

Silver and gold still seem weak. Gold hit a minor support level and didn’t care. Silver hit the daily 20 period ema and doesn’t seem to care either. Other metals are also in major pullback mode.


  • GC: Oversold but “feels” weak.
  • SI: Hit the daily EMA and I suspect it doesn’t care.
  • HG: Seems to be respecting resistance while overbought. Might be good to try to short this.
  • ZB: The first red bar on the dailies in a long time. But feels week after slicing through some support levels.
  • ZC: Short if it hits 371 today.
  • ZW: Buy flushes.
  • LC: 5 SMA Sale.
  • CL: Buy major flushes – currently at minor resistance after breaking out of big daily triangle.
  • NG: Short term top after a major run. Buy a deep flush for a scalp.
  • HO: Short term top ?
  • EMD: Currently seems to be playing catch-up with the bigger caps.
  • ES/NQ/etc: Whipsaw mode.
  • EC: Bear-flag and 3 day triangle breakout mode.
  • NE1: Breakout mode
  • DX: Breakout mode
  • PL: Sideways line – watch for breakout.
  • RU: Short below Tuesday’s low.
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