Our (US) Energy Policies Bites Us In the A$$

In 2020, the United States was a net exporter of petroleum. In 2022, that is no longer the case.

This is because of our rush to green energy and the hysterical outcry against drilling here in the US.

Now, consumers are paying the price at the pump.

And the government’s response is to reach out the autocratic regimes like those in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

Instead, of, you know, encouraging US production.

Imagine the concessions those countries can now extract from us because we’re betting our energy independence on them.

Billions and Billions of dollars flowing to dictatorships.

Didn’t we just learn our lesson with Russia?

Now we’ll repeat it again.

We have everything we need here in the us to be energy independent. Using it would put us in a much stronger position to confront atrocities such as those Russia are currently committing in the Ukraine.

But, nope. We’re too dumb for that.

Is it any wonder that Russia believes that we can’t confront them?

Because we can’t. We’re big. We’re dumb. And Russia has been running rings around us for a long time.

Imagine what China can / will do when it decides to move.

The right thing to do is to make sure we produce all the energy we need right here in the US. That means, nuclear AND fossil fuels AND green energy. We can transition from fossil to green over time.

But, when was the last time the US government actually did the right thing?

PS: Don’t even get me started on vital Rare Earth elements that China has a stranglehold on and which we have a lot of in the ground…

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