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Battered & Bruised: Systems Trading School of Hard Knocks

Cartoon figure lying prone at the bottom of a down-trending chart

Every trader has at one time or another dreamed of having a fully automated trading system that is profitable—effectively a money printing press in the basement. I know I did—and I have the scars to prove it. I barely remember the day I woke up, not realizing I was about to embark on a trip that would lead me into an abyss. But I do remember what the goal was—to create an automated trading system that would print me money and lessen the emotional toll that is common in trading.

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Technically Speaking: TSLA

TSLA – this is a stock everyone seems to have an opinion on – usually extremely bullish or extremely bearish. For example, I know at least one fund manager who is amazing in his ability to examine a company’s balance sheet and operations – he is convinced that TSLA is a fraud and has bet…

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New Headshots

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to get new head-shots. The last set I got was back in 2013. So I called up Bob of Bob Stefko Photography and we made an appointment for the end of March. A week or so later I had a brand new set of shots. Here…

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Me – The Rogue Project Manager

The rogue project manager

If you have a technology project that is in trouble, there’s a good chance I can help to fix it. There are many reasons a project can run off the rails: Scope Issues, Communication Issues, Technical Issues…

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New Machine: NUC8i7HVK

Trader sitting at a desk with multiple monitors

I’m on a new computer kick. For most of my computing career I wanted the biggest, baddest machine I could afford. Generally this meant large towers with lots of expandability options and the fastest processors I could lay my hands on. However, over the last year, looking at the latest processor specs I realized that…

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Investment Themes For The Next 5 Years

This is a simple article that answers the question “what are the most promising investment themes over the next 5-10 years? “ For me, the answer is this – invest in companies in the following areas and you should do well in the long run. Its a simple list in no particular order: AI (Artificial…

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New Website 2019 with

I’ve been playing with WordPress for quite a few years now but never built my personal site with it. It was always on the todo list and so for the past few years, my personal site has been hosted by weebly. The motivation for actually transitioning the site to WordPress came in the form of…

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So You Want To Trade Bitcoin?

So you want to trade bitcoin or maybe trade other crypto-currencies. It seems everyone else is making tons of money except you, right? But here’s the thing – every decade or so a new financial “bubble” of some kind shows up. Two decades ago it was internet stocks. Then it was real estate or real…

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Trading Life: Tools Of The Trade

Introduction We get a lot of questions about the tools we use in our business and trading life.  So, we decided to create a page that lists them all.  We think you’ll be very surprised by some of them if only because you might never thought about those aspects of trading or business. Trading Platforms…

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