Trader. Dancer. Tinkerer. 

And sometimes an investor and entrepreneur too!  Sometimes.

Entrepreneur and more...

Nigel is a self-employed entrepreneur with a slight rebellious streak and his hands in many pies...

Independent trader • Investor • Business Manager and more....

Some Things With My Name On It

AKA things I am (or was) responsible for...

Some Bitcoin Investments (Didn't everyone?)

Original Investment: 2013

Additional: 2014-2018

Final Sale: Dec 2017

Mt. GOX still owes me 1 coin, ha!

Futures Trader

Stock and Futures Trader

2001 - Now

Crypto Investments

  • Ripple

Enterprise Supply Chain Software

SVP: R&D - EXE Technologies, creating cutting edge supply-chain software.

1992- 2001

Dance and Music

I don't play an instrument.

But I dance. 

Let’s work together & build something awesome.

Have an idea that could change the world?