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Thoughts on Crypto


Going into 2023, folks involved with Crypto are wondering if it’s going to get any better. I have only one key thought about this – based on the following data: Keep in mind that right now, there are no practical uses for these instruments. They are purely speculative in nature. Compare that to SOLANA which…

The Issue With Passkeys


Passkeys are a way to replace passwords and have heavy support in the tech industry including from heavy weights such as Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. However, to use Passkeys, you need a mobile device. And to make sure you don’t lose access to your keys, you need to store backups of your keys on a…

Chat GPT Is Not A Search Engine


If you haven’t heard about CHAT GPT yet you should definitely hop on the bandwagon and explore it. Some of what it can do is mind blowing compared to prior “AI” engines. However, I’ve heard talk about how it is the next big thing in search and how Google might be quaking in their boots.…

The Single Most Effective Pro-Choice Lever


Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last few years, you must know that women’s’ rights are under brutal attack across the United States. I am, frankly, very surprised that cities aren’t being burned to the ground. I was very shocked when Texas passed its inhumane and cruel anti-abortion law with hardly any protests…

The Case Against Crypto Payments


Imagine that you decide you want to buy a widget so you walk into the widget store to check out prices. The best one you can afford costs 1 crypto thingy. You decide to go home and think about it. The next day you walk back to the widget store to make your purchase. Oops…

Obligatory Post On Twitter And Elon Musk


It’s all Elon all the time. It seems the tech world can’t get enough of this story and everyone’s got an opinion. My opinion can be summarized simply as ‘neutral’. No predictions – just a wait and see attitude. I know, boring, right? But there’s a reason for it. On the one hand, you have…

Our (US) Energy Policies Bites Us In the A$$


In 2020, the United States was a net exporter of petroleum. In 2022, that is no longer the case. This is because of our rush to green energy and the hysterical outcry against drilling here in the US. Now, consumers are paying the price at the pump. And the government’s response is to reach out…

Putin’s Attack On A Ukraine Power Plant – Is he Calling NATO’s Article 5 Bluff?


Putin’s forces bombed a Ukraine powerplant yesterday. Now, imagine this – the plant goes the way of Chernobyl. If that happens, the radiation cloud would reach into the heart of Europe, killing many many Europeans over time. Surely that’s enough to trigger Nato’s Article 5 Collective Defense clause? You know, the one that effectively states…

750 Billion Dollars And We Can Do Nothing About Putin


We here in the US spend more than 750 BILLION tax dollars per year on our military. And now, when it matters the most, we can do nothing to help 40 million people in the Ukraine subjected to an unwarranted and brutal invasion by Russia. So why the hell should we keep spending that money?…

Mask Mandates – It Was Never About Saving Lives…


The CDC is lifting masking and vaccination requirements for most of the country. Theoretically this guidance applies to 65% or so of the country. But you know that the other 35% is going to ignore the CDC – they’re already doing it otherwise they wouldn’t be in the 35%. Now, anyone that is even slightly…

Shocking! Not! Apple’s 27% Commission For 3rd Party Payments


So, it turns out that, even if you don’t use Apple’s payment mechanism for in-app purchases, they’ll still charge you 27% or so. Somehow folks are shocked by this. I’m really not sure how anyone can be surprised. Apple’s 30% cut is payment for access to its audience; the payment gateway was a bonus and…

SCOTD: A Flat 4% Tax on Elon Musk Would End Homelessness


Stupid Comment Of The Day: Lets count the ways that this comment is just plain stupid: Homelessness is a political issue, not a fiscal issue. The US Federal government takes in more than 2 Trillion per year plus, probably another 1 Trillion by the states. They can solve homelessness any time they want. Collecting more…


A small sample of notes illustrating how I view potential daily market opportunities over a period of time.

Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday October 4th, 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday September 17th 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Monday September 16th 2019