The Time Has Come To Penalize The Willing Unvaccinated

I just read an article that explained how more than 90% of the patients in hospitals with Covid are unvaccinated. And those few that are vaccinated are immunocompromised or have other underlying health issues.

In other words, the vaccines are working and the virus is spreading rampantly throughout the unvaccinated population – which includes those that cannot be vaccinated such as kids or those with health issues.

Since hospitals are now filled up with Covid patients again, regular care for the vaccinated are once again taking a backseat.

Given the ready availability of vaccines, there is simply no excuse for this. Many states have tried the carrot to get folks to vaccinate. It’s time to use the stick. Because what the willingly unvaccinated folks are doing to their fellow human beings is beyond repugnant.

I propose the following:

  • Insurance companies should be allowed to deny coverage for Covid patients who are eligible for vaccines but refused to take it before being infected
  • Hospitals should be able to turn away the same group of patients in order to protect the rest of their patients and health care personnel
  • Users who acquire Covid from a willingly unvaccinated source should be able to sue for damages
  • Government should be able to criminally prosecute anyone from the same group for attempted murder if they enter an establishment or other area with groups of folks without wearing a mask
  • Government should be able to criminally prosecute anyone from the same group for attempted murder if they are the source of an infection for someone else

I am sure many of you might be appalled by these suggestions, thinking “wow, I never knew Nigel was so cruel”.

However, what you fail to realize is that this level of cruelty PALES IN COMPARISON to the cruelty that the willingly unvaccinated are imposing on their fellow citizens. Every day, millions of them willingly walk around without masks, without a care about transmitting this deadly virus to dozens, maybe hundreds of other human beings. That is a level of cruelty that should not be tolerated.

The ability to kill dozens of human beings by just breathing should not be tolerated when there is method of containment, period!

If you don’t want to be vaccinated that’s fine – as long as you take responsibility for what happens if you transmit the virus or if you get ill from it. It’s way past the time when this group of folks should get a free pass from the rest of world.

And if you’re a Republican, all I can say is “Just think about the kids!”.

PS: Of course these ideas do not apply to those who cannot be vaccinated such as kids or those with underlying health conditions.

PPS: Now if only we can figure out a way to prevent the Gov’t from abusing any new police powers that might come with implementing these ideas…

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