Trading Homework for Trade-date Thursday August 22nd 2019

August type cross-currents. Very little actionable on the daily charts – you’d need to scalp off the hourlies if you insist on trading.


  • GC: Still consolidating
  • SI: Still consolidating
  • ZB: Start of railroad tracks?
  • ZC: Buy divergences are forming on this low test.
  • LC: Possible short
  • CL: Short bias (overbought)
  • NG: Short bias (also overbought)
  • ES/NQ/YM/NK/FDAX: At resistance again – railroad tracks in a smaller range?
  • FESX: Pushed above resistance – is this leading the way up in equities? (Also, z-day)
  • BP: Bear flag
  • JY: Bull flag (if this is a bull flag, chances are the equity indicies are a short)
  • PA: Short bias
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