Business Idea: GlideApp For WordPress is an interesting product – it helps you create apps from Google Sheets (a spreadsheet) and publish it via a url (or, optionally, publish directly to an app store).

Which makes me wonder – why is it so hard to make an app for WordPress?

It seems to me that someone needs to create something like GlideApp where, instead of the source data being a Google Sheet, its a WordPress database.

There is such a dearth of good ways to easily build apps based on the WordPress database that something like this feels like it will be an instant success. Most apps based on WordPress are custom developed and cost a ton of $$$.

The App infrastructure would need to be knowledgeable about the top 25 plugins for WordPress which would include:

  • WooCommerce (And its top 20 or so add-ons such as subscriptions, memberships and more)
  • Easy Digital Downloads (and its top 20 or so add-ons)
  • Gravity Forms
  • Learn Dash
  • Awesome Support (help desk)
  • MailPoet

And so on.

Conceptually easy, but I suspect a ton of work.

Which means that its a large moat for the first person to get this done.

If you think this is a good idea, drop me a note so I can track your progress.

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