BlockChain Business Idea: No-Code Apps For BlockChain

The blockchain development eco-system is young and rapidly evolving. One of the missing ingredients for rapid adoption is tools for easy use by the masses – the equivalent of a spreadsheet for the rank-and-file.

Other than wallets, tools today seem geared towards developers and large enterprises. But as history has shown time and again, things don’t get widely adopted until there are tools that can be used by your every-day white collar employee or hobbyist.

Given the large number of dollars being poured into the block-chain ecosystem, why hasn’t some VC already sponsored a 100 million dollar project to build the equivalent of WebFlow or GlideApps? With the back-end data stored and managed on blockchain of course.

Imagine, a point-and-click tool that anyone can use to build connected secure decentralized apps. No one even needs to know that its all block-chain based – just the benefits of security and decentralization are all that’s needed to sell the thing to the masses.

Someone really needs to get on this fast! Its a multi-billion dollar opportunity!