Trading Homework for Trade-date Thursday September 12th 2019

Almost all the stock indexes are breaking out from their 2-3 day ranges (or didn’t form ranges in the first place). Only the NQ seems to be stubborn right now.

EMD and Russell are acting the best as they play catch up.


  • GC: Had a small bounce from support area – slightly positive.
  • SI: 3 day breakout triangle – barely holding the EMA.
  • HG: 3 day consolidation
  • ZB: Oversold – close to support area.
  • ZC: Short above at 370 or higher (grail sale)
  • LC: 2 large days up. 5 SMA and grail sale.
  • CL: Failed breakout and bull trap. Back inside the large daily triangle.
  • NG: 2 small days down after breakout. Buy.
  • HO: testing initial breakout level.
  • EMD: z-day
  • ES: Upside breakout from 3 day consolidation
  • YM: Close to new all time highs! Amazing.
  • BP: Overbought in a downtrend.
  • NE1: 3 day BO triangle.
  • PL: Bull flag
  • PA: Daily sell divergences
  • NOK: Daily bear flag
  • RU: Daily bear flag
  • EURGBP: Buy with stop at monday’s low. Nice low risk buy point.
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