Dance and Music


I don’t play an instrument.

But I dance.

Executive Summary

Dancing is a hobby I picked up staring way-back in 1999.

Its something I always wanted to do and I finally got around to during the swing-dance revival (driven by in iconic GAP commercial in the 90’s.)

Since that time I’ve spend thousands of hours learning Lindy-hop (swing), Blues and picked up bits and pieces of Balboa and Salsa.

It has been an escape that has saved my sanity on many an occasion.

And the community is amazingly nice and welcoming.

You can walk into any major (and most minor) cities in the world and have an instant community that will take care of you and other total strangers.

Seriously – you need to try it!

I can barely stay on beat and definitely can’t hear most of the nuances in the must – and yet I have managed to keep dancing for 20 years.

So if I can do it, anyone can.

Give it a shot!

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