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The Crazy, Out-of-this-World Bull-Case For SHIBA


The SHIB (Shiba Inu Token) was created as an Ethereum Blockchain alternative to DogeCoin – i.e.: a coin with no immediate real-world use. Over the last year or so, the coin has appreciated by millions of percent, currently trading at 0.00007260. Less than a year ago it was trading at 0.000000000010 or less. You do…

Random Thoughts: Energy Shortages Redux, Windows 11 Shenanigans, A Generation Of Disorganized Minds


Energy Shortages – Bad Bad Gas – No Gas For You! Sigh…just after I wrote a note about Energy Shortages in my most recent Random Thoughts, I ran into this article about Europe’s Energy Crisis this winter. The crux of the article is that there isn’t enough Natural Gas being produced at the same time…

Random Thoughts: Energy Shortages, Vote Recounts, Restaurant Worker Shortages..

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Energy Shortages Are Here – And Will Get A Lot Worse The world runs on fossil fuels. And there are tons and tons of pressure being brought to bear to clean that up fast – but that’s happening without a corresponding increase in alternatives coming online. So it’s inevitable that you’ll get an energy crisis…

Random Thoughts: That Texas Law, Apple, Nuclear Submarines & More…


Apple – EPIC Lawsuit So, Apple is now forced to allow vendors to use other payment processors. I wonder if they’ll figure out that it doesn’t matter – that they can still require their 30% cut – they just put the onus on the app developer to develop a tracking system and to report and…

The Time Has Come To Penalize The Willing Unvaccinated


I just read an article that explained how more than 90% of the patients in hospitals with Covid are unvaccinated. And those few that are vaccinated are immunocompromised or have other underlying health issues. In other words, the vaccines are working and the virus is spreading rampantly throughout the unvaccinated population – which includes those…

Business Idea: A Way To Help Rebalance The Skills-to-Worker-Availability Imbalance


This idea has been posted on – if you like it, click the link to go upvote it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you know that there is a huge dislocation in the jobs arena here in the United States – lots of workers are available but…

Mooltipass Gen 3


I have used the Mooltipass hardware device for password management since it was initially crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The thing has easily saved me over 100,000 keystrokes without the risk of storing my passwords “in the cloud”. The Gen 1 device had a couple of nice features: It used a touchscreen Had a nice desktop-stand option…

Business Idea: Secure Notes For Psychologists and Psychiatrists


This idea has been posted on – if you like it, click the link to go upvote it: I recently read an article about a government in Europe whose electronic medical records was hacked. This country had most of its citizens on a national EMR platform – which meant that all the private…

Busting No-Code & Low-Code Myths


I am a HUGE fan of low-code and no-code tools. I always have been. Even though I learned “low-level” langauges, my career as a developer has always tended towards the higher level tools. Whether that was DBASE, CLIPPER & FOXPRO in the early 90’s, POWERBUILDER in the LATE 90s, various HTML builders in the early…

The Case For A Zero Percent Corporate Tax-Rate


My Democrat friends are probably wincing just by reading the headline of this post. But bear with me as I lay out this case. I started thinking about this concept two or three years ago. I think it filtered into my subconscious during the time when Trump was trying to lower rates and encourage companies…

QUIBI Bashing Is Short Sighted


Recently, Quibi announced that it was shutting down after just six months in service. Almost immediately the ridicule started. How could a company with almost two BILLION dollars in funding get it so wrong? There are folks all over the globe making massive fun of the investors. This is ridiculously short-sighted. For multiple reasons. There…

Business Idea: Reviews For Cancelled Gigs


If you have ever used a service like Upwork or Fiverr and depended on reviews to choose a worker, you’ve likely been very disappointed. This is because the reviews are missing a critical element – cancelled gigs. In some cases, even bad reviews are removed by the site upon request by the worker – UpWork…


A small sample of notes illustrating how I view potential daily market opportunities over a period of time.

Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday October 4th, 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday September 17th 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Monday September 16th 2019