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The Government Does Not Want You To Use Facebook Chat


Actually it does. But that’s precisely why you shouldn’t. Facebook unveiled plans about a year ago to add end-to-end encryption on all its chat products and the Government just doesn’t like it. US Attorney General William Barr wrote an open letter asking Facebook to ditch its plans. We can only assume that at least one…

Tariff Effects


I saw this chart floating around on Twitter today and found it quite compelling… For those readers not looking at the stock market every day, “X” is the stock market symbol for US STEEL. Today we announced new tariffs on our friends in the EU…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday October 4th, 2019


After breaking down back into their prior range and selling off furiously for two and a half days, the equity markets came roaring back today. They all seemed to have hit a “pocket” area where support is generally expected to show up. With all equities deeply oversold, will there by any downside resumption or will…

California’s Assembly Bill 5 Targeting Uber and Lyft is Premature and Bone-headed


Did you know – that the cost of every single ride on LYFT and UBER is subsidized by the respective company? You might have suspected that was the case. The underlying reasons for that is why neither one is profitable nor has any chance of becoming profitable any time soon. What you might not know…

Google Does NOT Have A Monopoly


I find it hilarious that the EU, and, now the US, are trying to paint Google as a monopolist. Google does not have a monopoly. What they do have are users who CHOOSE to grant Google a monopoly. And that is a totally different ball of wax. You know which companies have a monopoly? Your…

A Bitcoin Chart…


Everyone has seen this break…. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be follow-through! The forecast for this break (according to classical charting principles) is close to the breakout point for this last run-up – around 4000.00. Can you imagine if we give back all those gains? In case you’re not a chartist and…

Impeaching Trump Will Make It Harder For The Democrats in 2020


I can hear some of you going – “wait, what?” The reason is simple: the senate is not on board. Its been a while since the process of impeachment has been seriously discussed by the populace so most do not know that impeaching a president is just step one. There is a second step –…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday September 17th 2019


There were large gaps in the energies on Monday due to attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil production infrastructure. Crude futures gapped up almost 7.00 per barrel and rallied another 2+. Equities gapped down but had little follow through. Gold and silver gapped up with little follow-through as well but holding gains. I expect lots of…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Monday September 16th 2019


It doesn’t really matter what the charts say – Monday is likely to be a news driven day. Saudi oil production has been cut by 50% because of drone attacks on their oil fields. While the actual effect on world oil supplies is likely to be minor, the psychological effects is likely to mean market…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Thursday September 12th 2019


Almost all the stock indexes are breaking out from their 2-3 day ranges (or didn’t form ranges in the first place). Only the NQ seems to be stubborn right now. EMD and Russell are acting the best as they play catch up. Commentary GC: Had a small bounce from support area – slightly positive. SI:…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Wednesday September 11th 2019


Yesterday’s (Tuesday) equity trading seemed like we’re back in the land of flushes up and down while the laggard indexes catch up. Silver and gold still seem weak. Gold hit a minor support level and didn’t care. Silver hit the daily 20 period ema and doesn’t seem to care either. Other metals are also in…

Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday September 9th 2019


Another nowhere day for the equity indexes. Seems like they are all forming another interminable range. But, something’s lurking…The FDAX has had an extended run. In the meantime, many of the currencies are at overbought/oversold positions against their primary trend. i.e.: bull and bear flags are developing or have developed. Commentary GC: Pulled back to…


A small sample of notes illustrating how I view potential daily market opportunities over a period of time.

Trading Homework for Trade-date Friday October 4th, 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Tuesday September 17th 2019
Trading Homework for Trade-date Monday September 16th 2019